Rebuilding Hackney Housing Register

April 2021 - November 2021

Status: Closed


Hackney Council updated their social housing Lettings Policy, moving from 5 bands to 3 to provide a clearer system for eligible residents and support those most at risk of homelessness to find settled accommodation. Hackney wanted a simpler, more transparent housing register in line with this new allocations scheme. Supporting Hackney, FutureGov delivered a new housing register tool that manages expectations and encourages residents to self serve, allowing the council to continue to focus resources on the most complex cases.



Working with a level of urgency, we wanted to implement the new tool and policy as swiftly as possible. To do this we created twintrack workstreams which allowed us to kick-off the research phase at the same time as setting ourselves up for the technical build.


In November 2021, we officially launched the Housing Register.

Research documents

Customer journey map

Discussion guide