Improving timely collection of council tax

June 2020 - March 2021

Status: Closed


Exemplar project to shaped around improving the timely collection of council tax. The project comprised of a discovery to look for where the opportunities lay and an alpha to explore one of the opportunities for potential further development. The project was undertaken with support from a delivery partner who provided intensive support for the discovery and light touch support for the alpha. Our vision for the project was to improve the timely collection of council tax, so that the council receive more tax at the right time - in-year, and less people get into debt



Our focus for discovery was to research the staff and residents experience to understand more about: What leads to residents not paying on time? Whether residents are getting the right discounts and exemptions; If residents are getting the support they need and what peoples' thoughts are about paying council tax? We also wanted to learn from other councils and stakeholders about their experiences and what they might be doing.


The focus for alpha was on earlier communication in the right channels. Our goals would be to identify how SMS and email may increase engagement, what wider opportunities exist to enhance service provision, information accuracy and the technical capabilities of such a system.

Research documents

Research overview